Please join us in making the Grange Great again!


In 2021 we were able to complete the foundation work on the Grange Building at 242 Main Street, Spartansburg!


The building is over 170 years old. It started out as the First Presbyterian Church built in 1849 and was later sold to the Sparta Grange 110 in 1912. The Sparta Grange Building is the last standing grange building in Crawford County.


In late 2019, Spartansburg Community Foundation took ownership. The Foundation's goal is to repair the building so it can be used by the community. In the past the building was used for school classes, birthday party's, square dances and numerous other activities. On Parade day, the Parade entries are announced from the porch.


We're asking for your help by donating to us to make the repairs needed.

Donations can be made on-line at:




GoFundMe-Help Save the Grange